Gaia app download

gaia app download

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  • The outdoor mapping app, launched in 2009, is now as necessary as a pair of hiking boots.
  • Gaia GPS is the Best Navigation App - Backpacker
  • AllTrails vs Gaia Reviews: Which Hiking App is Worth It?
  • ‎Gaia GPS Hiking, Offroad Maps on the App Store
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  • Backpacker Newsletter

    I also really appreciate their beta testing. When Gaia launched their new updated version, they relied on the expertise of 80 field testers ranging from professional outdoor guides to hunters to improve the app. The first thing I noticed is not all trails are listed. There are some highly trafficked state parks in my area and the search engine failed to show many of them in the results.

    Also, because the trails are crowdsourced there is more room for error. This can easily result in misleading information causing problems when navigating the selected trail. Perhaps there could be more trail-sourcing and fact-checking. User to user communication, if one so chooses, could also come in downlod in this situation. The most apparent drawback I found was the limitations of the app itself.

    The outdoor mapping app, launched in 2009, is now as necessary as a pair of hiking boots.

    Gaia was first made download iOS which is great for Apple users and not so great for everyone else. There have been app issues on other platforms which is a major drawback. For some, this app can take some getting used to. Gaia has a gaia of features and there is a learning curve aop using it to its full potential. Like AllTrails, it also significantly drains battery life. I found a three-mile hike left my battery almost dead.

    Another kicker is the price. Offering a lifetime fee options would be more worth it in this case.

    Gaia GPS is the Best Navigation App - Backpacker

    Each app serves its own set of purposes that may not the right fit for everybody. For instance, if all you plan to use the app for is searching and recording gia to share, I say go with AllTrails. It has all the functions you need for free. Day hiker or short distance trail runner? For anyone wanting the extra security of others knowing your location, AllTrails is once again the option for you.

    AllTrails vs Gaia Reviews: Which Hiking App is Worth It?

    Sign up for Weekend Wanderer and join thousands of readers getting epic travel and Airbnb ideas every week. Seen in: Backpacking odwnload, GearHike. Carissa is an outdoor freelance writer who loves nature, yearns for a good campfire, and lives for the next adventure. Sign up for Weekend Wanderer and join thousands of readers getting epic travel ideas weekly.

    ‎Gaia GPS Hiking, Offroad Maps on the App Store

    Whether you're looking for a challenging full-day hike or a quick afternoon traipse through the painted desert, we've got you covered. At a place where Havasu Downloxd cascades straight off a foot cliff, Mooney Falls is a perennially-flowing free-falling behemoth. Ditch dowwnload neckties and socks for outdoor gear he'll actually want. Scratch that - we included socks. A hike on the Purgatory Flats Trail is anything but purgatory —unless you start sucking air due to the high elevation!

    If you are hanging out in and download Durango and gearing up to gaia the absurdly scenic Highwaythis is a fantastic option for a short, easy day hike. Biocrust allows life to thrive from the desert soil. Every time we walk off the trail, we are putting biocrust, and all the life it supports, in danger. Home to some of the country's best ski resorts, come winter, it's easy to forget that Colorado gaiq still a great place to go for a hike.

    Premium Membership - Access and download a worldwide catalog of maps. You get access to these map sources, plus many more. Your iTunes alp will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, and identify the cost of app renewal. Turn-By-Turn routing available for routes that are snapped to trails and roads.

    Welcome to Gaia | Gaia Online

    Access this feature using the Guide Me button. Your review will also get bumped up, when you rate a new update. While taking a new way from Colorado to Utah I went through a dead zone where my navigating app dropped completely with no signal to accurately follow my pre planned route so App resorted to my compass and map and proceeded to follow what it looked to be the appropriate way on the map download have in mind all of these while a Thunderstorm is raging in the background.

    Well short story this route came to a holt because of a lock gate. Realizing my mistake Gaia turned around and had no choice app to drive back through the storm I was hoping to out run so needless to say the area was beautiful but the storm was making it a bit harder to appreciate at the moment. After what it seemed a while of negotiating wet obstacles under lighting and Phone Alerts to seek Higher ground I made it back to the main road this time deciding to make a quick right and seek shelter while I figure out my next move.

    So here it is Gaia thanks for saving the Day!! I gaia this app about 10 years download and I have loved it the upgrades have continued to improve it very well. I would not go with any other app out there I have tried other ones like x hunt and I did not like it.

    gaia app download

    It is years behind this app. You get the personal property lines and public with this app, lots of layers that you can overlay and download.

    Gaia GPS has been featured in countless publications, including Outside, Backpacker, Trail Runner, the New York Times, and numerous App Store features. Backpacking Gaia GPS started as a backpacking app. Download topo and satellite maps for offline use. Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Gaia GPS is the best skiing app for staying safe deep in the backcountry. Mountain Biking Go farther, faster by mounting Gaia GPS to your handlebars for hands-free navigation. Access mountain biking trail maps on both public and private land with the best mountain biking app on the market.

    My entire family and extended family got this app too and they love it as well. This one is the way to go.

    Download Gaia GPS | Gaia GPS

    Best app available. And I use this all the time not just once a year while hunting. I use it for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, horse pack trips around the farm I turn off my cellular data and all that and use it to track and it goes all day with out killing my battery and I have a 3 year old I phone. Sure, there are scads of other giaa navigation appsbut Gaia is a one-stop shop for nearly any form of backcountry travel.

    Gaia - Conscious Media, Streaming Yoga Videos & More

    Years ago, I charted my entire Colorado Trail thru hike, allowing me to avoid above-treeline campgrounds during storm season and to make sure I cameled up at water sources when crossing long, dry stretches. A relatively new 3-D mapping feature enables you to view elevation gains and slope angles to better visualize mountain approaches. And Gaia adds new features seemingly constantly.

    In the Anthropocene, wildfires are one of the most serious impediments to outdoor adventurersfrom day-hikers to Triple Crowners. Several recently available map layers allow users to see current fires as well as smoke forecasts up to 48 hours into the future.

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