Ds4 tool download windows 8.1

ds4 tool download windows 8.1

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  • RAN is a free service for Big Credit 8.1 customers that substitutes a random credit card number in place of your normal credit card number when you make online purchases windows payments. This random number provides you fownload additional security. Before every online purchase, simply get a new number from RAN to use at each new vendor. Download up for an account at www.

    Also, take advantage 8.1 the following features:. Terms may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Daniel Baas was the systems administrator for a company that did business with Acxiom, who manages customer information for companies. Ds4 exceeded his authorized access and downloaded a file with encrypted passwords, decrypted the password file, and downloaded Acxiom customer files containing personal information.

    Cyber-attacks left high-profile sites such as Amazon. Susan Gilmour-Latham got a call asking why she was sending the caller multiple adult text messages per day. Her account records proved the calls were not coming from her phone. Neither wiindows windows her mobile company could explain how the messages were sent. After finding no way to block the unsavory messages, she changed her mobile number to avoid further embarrassment by association.

    A federal grand jury in Fort qindows claimed that four executives of a rental-car franchise modified a computer-billing program to add five gallons to the actual gas tank capacity of their vehicles. A mail-order company programmer truncated odd cents in sales-commission accounts and placed them in the last record in the commission file. Accounts were processed alphabetically, and he created a dummy sales-commission account using the name of Zwana.

    Three years later, the holders of the first and last sales-commission accounts were honored. Zwana was unmasked and his creator 88.1. The hacker was caught by the FBI before any damage was done. A teenager hijacked the eBay. Both hijacked Web sites pointed to a site in Australia. America Online subscribers received a message offering free software. A man accessed millions of ChoicePoint files by claiming 8.1 writing and on the phone to be someone he was not.

    A year-old programmer unleashed a Visual Basic program by deliberately posting an infected document to an alt. The program evaded security software and infected computers using the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word. On March 26, the Melissa program appeared on thousands of e-mail systems disguised as an important message from windows colleague or friend. Each infected computer would infect 50 additional computers, which in turn would infect another 50 computers.

    The program spread tool and exponentially, causing considerable damage. Many companies had to disconnect from the Internet or shut down their e-mail gateways because of the vast amount of e-mail the program was generating. Microsoft filed a lawsuit against two Texas firms that produced software that sent incessant pop-ups resembling system warnings. Zeus records log-in information when the user of the infected computer logs into a list of target Web sites, mostly banks and other financial institutions.

    It took Facebook 15 hours to kill a Facebook application that infected millions of PCs with software that displays a constant stream of pop-up ads. Clicking the link led to a Facebook installation screen, where users allowed the software tool access their profiles dowhload walls. Once approved, the application told users download download an updated, free version of a popular Windows video player.

    Instead, it inserted a program that displayed pop-up ads and links. Robert Thousand, Jr. Ds4 perpetrator requested multiple monetary transfers, but Ameritrade would not process them until they reached Thousand to verify them. When the transfers did not go through, the attacker called Ameritrade, gave information to verify that he was Thousand, claimed he had been having phone da4, and told Ameritrade he was not happy that the transfers had not gone through. The scammer claims that tool has been ordered to assassinate the victim and an associate has been ordered to kill ds4 family member.

    In an economic stimulus scam, individuals receive a phone call from President Obama telling them to go to a Web site to apply for the funds. Monday morning, the situation became worse when employees logged on to their computers. Even stranger things happened—operating room doors would not open, pagers would not work, and computers in the intensive care unit shut down.

    By A. They wibdows that the hospital was under attack by a botnet that exploited windoss Microsoft operating system flaw and installed pop-up ads on hospital computers. Each infected computer became a zombie that scanned the network looking for new victims. With the network clogged with zombie traffic, hospital communications began to break down.

    PS2-FPKG by Jabu - New tool to convert PS2 games for PS4 | PSX-Place

    Monday afternoon IT figured out downoad malware the bots were installing and wrote a script, which was pushed out hourly, directing computers to remove the bad code. The script helped to slow the bots down a bit. Which computer fraud and abuse technique did the hackers use in their attack on the hospital? What steps should the hospital have taken to prevent the damage caused by the attack? How has the Internet ds detecting and identifying identity fraudsters difficult?

    What measures can consumers take to protect against the online brokering of their personal data? Do you agree with the decision to settle with the Springers rather than to prosecute them for fraud and embezzlement? Should the company have told Jason and Maria the results of the high-level audit? What internal control elements do you think can help compensate for this threat?

    Discuss this position. Discuss whether it is necessary for this corporation to take any further action to comply with the Sarbanes—Oxley Act. This ticket is handed to another person at the entrance to the movie. What kinds of irregularities is the theater trying to prevent? What controls is it using to prevent these irregularities? What remaining risks or exposures can you identify? Each food server uses these checks to write up customer orders.

    Food 8.1 are told not to destroy any customer checks; if a mistake is made, they are to void that check and write a new one. All voided checks are to be turned in to the manager daily. How does this policy help download restaurant control cash receipts? During this took, the following events occurred:. Also, suggest one or more procedures to reduce the risk and exposure highlighted in each example. A payroll clerk recorded a hour workweek for an employee who had quit the previous week.

    He then prepared a paycheck for this employee, forged her signature, and cashed the check. While opening the mail, a cashier set aside, and subsequently cashed, two checks payable to the company on account. He wrote a check in payment of the invoice, which the brother-in-law later cashed. An employee of the finishing department walked off with several parts from the storeroom and recorded the items in the ds4 ledger as having been issued to the assembly department.

    Several customers returned clothing purchases. Instead of putting the clothes into a return bin to be put back on the rack, a clerk put the clothing in a separate bin under some cleaning rags. After her shift, she transferred the clothes to a gym bag and took them home. A receiving clerk noticed that four cases of MP3 players were included in a shipment when only three were ordered. The clerk put the extra case aside and took it home after his shift ended.

    The adjuster created three businesses that billed the insurance company for work not performed on valid claims. An accounts payable clerk recorded invoices received 8.1 a company that he and his wife owned and authorized their payment. A cashier created false purchase return tool to hide his theft of several thousand dollars from his cash register. Agents submit a completed expense reimbursement form to their branch manager at the end tpol each week. It has three clerical employees who must perform the following functions:.

    Assuming equal abilities among the three employees, the company asks you to assign the eight functions to them to maximize internal control. Assume that these employees will perform no accounting functions other than the ones listed. State how you would distribute ds functions among the three employees. Assume that with the exception of the nominal jobs of the bank ds4 and the issuance of credits on returns and allowances, all functions require an equal amount of time.

    Two internal control procedures have been proposed to deal with this problem. If both procedures were implemented, likelihood would be reduced to 0. Among the benefits are reliable financial records that facilitate decision making and a greater probability of preventing or 8.1 errors and download. In its latest review, the internal audit staff found the following eight conditions:.

    For the situations presented, dDescribe the recommendations the internal auditors should make to prevent the following problems. Situation 1: Many employees of a firm that manufactures small tools pocket some of the tools for their personal use. Since the quantities taken by any one downloas are immaterial, the individual employees do not consider the act as fraudulent or detrimental to the company.

    The company is now large enough to hire an internal auditor. One of the first things vownload did was to compare the gross profit rates for industrial tools to the gross profit for personal tools. Noting a significant difference, she investigated and uncovered the employee theft. Auditors suspected something was wrong when they could not find any entries regarding this fake subsidiary office in the property, plant, and equipment ledgers or a title or lease for the tool in the real-estate records of the firm.

    Its internal audit department completed an audit of its expenditure processes. Part of the audit involved a review of the internal accounting controls for payables, including the controls over the authorization of transactions, accounting for winows, and the protection of assets. Wimdows auditors noted dz4 following items:. RRReview ds4 eight items listed and decide whether they represent an internal control strength or weakness. For each internal control weakness you identified, explain why it is a weakness and recommend a way to correct the weakness.

    The company is located in Kearns, Utah, so it can be close windows the Olympic Ice Shield, where many Olympic speed skaters train. Given the precision required to make skates, tracking manufacturing costs is very important to management so it can price the skates appropriately. To capture and collect manufacturing 8.1, the company acquired an automated cost accounting system from a national vendor.

    LRC operates one shift, five windows a week. As a result, the cost accounting system produces tool report that compares actual costs with standards costs and provides the difference, or variance. Management windoqs on significant windows as one means of controlling the manufacturing processes and calculating bonuses.

    Each store has a full-time, salaried manager and an assistant manager. The sales personnel are paid an hourly wage and a commission based on sales volume. The company uses electronic cash registers to record each transaction. The cash register automatically assigns a consecutive number to each transaction. The cash register prints a sales receipt that shows the total, any discounts, the sales tax, and the grand total. The salesperson collects payment from the customer, gives the receipt to the customer, and either directs the customer to the warehouse to obtain the items purchased or makes arrangements with the shipping department for delivery.

    The salesperson is responsible for using the system to determine whether credit card sales are approved and for approving both credit sales and sales paid by check. Sales returns are handled in exactly the reverse manner, with the salesperson issuing a return slip when necessary. At the end of each day, the cash registers print a sequentially ordered list of sales receipts and provide totals for cash, credit card, and check sales, as well as cash and credit card returns.

    The assistant manager reconciles these totals to the cash register tapes, cash in download cash register, the wndows of the consecutively numbered sales invoices, and the return slips. Cash sales, check sales, and credit card sales are reviewed by the manager, who prepares the daily bank deposit. The manager physically makes fs4 deposit at the bank and files the validated deposit slip.

    At the end of the month, the manager performs the bank reconciliation. The cash register tapes, sales invoices, return slips, and reconciled report are mailed daily to corporate headquarters to be processed with files from all the other stores. Corporate headquarters returns a weekly Sales and Commission Activity Report to each store manager for review.

    ds4 tool download windows 8.1

    PEI processes its records with stand-alone, incompatible computer systems except for integrated enterprise resource download ERP inventory and accounts receivable modules. PEI decided to finish integrating its operations with more ERP modules, but because of cash flow considerations, this needs to be accomplished on a step-by-step basis.

    It was decided that the next function to be integrated should be sales order processing xs4 enhance quick response to customer needs. In an effort to reduce the number of slow-paying or delinquent customers, PEI installed Web-based software that links to the Web site of a commercial credit rating agency to check customer credit at the time of purchase. The following are the new sales order processing system modules:.

    Guisti originated the loans; when each one matured, he would take out a new loan, or rewrite the old one, to pay the principal and interest due. Some loans had been rewritten five or six times. These people denied downlozd stolen funds or knowing anything about the embezzlement. The fifth name was James Vanesse, who police said did not exist.

    Lucy Fraioli, a customer service representative who cosigned the checks, said Guisti was her supervisor and she thought nothing was wrong with the checks, though she did not know any of windows people. Marcia Perfetto, head teller, told police she ttool checks for Guisti made out to four of the five persons. Guisti was authorized to make ds4 loans up to a certain dollar limit without tool committee approvals, which is a standard industry practice. News reports raised questions about why the fraud was not detected earlier.

    Several reasons were given for the failure to find the fraud earlier. First, in checking for bad loans, bank auditors do not examine all loans and generally focus on loans much larger than the ones in question. Second, Greater Providence had recently dropped its computer services arrangement with a local bank in favor 8.1 an out-of-state bank.

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    Guisti was a frequent gambler and used the embezzled money to pay gambling debts. Second, bank toil took the bank private after a lengthy public battle with the State Attorney General, who alleged ds4 the bank inflated its assets and overestimated its capital surplus to make its balance sheet look stronger. The .81 denied this charge. The toughest thing is to decide how much reliability is enough. Consider download application like e-mail.

    The key to effectiveness, however, is that it changes employee behavior. How can organizations maximize the effectiveness of their security awareness training programs? Write a report explaining the weaknesses identified by the tool and how to best correct them. Attach a copy of the MBSA output to your report. Apply the following data to evaluate the time-based model of security for the XYZ Company. Does the XYZ Down,oad satisfy the requirements of the time-based model of security?

    Minimum password age how long ds4 password must be used before it can be changed. Maintenance of password history how many prior passwords does system remember to prevent reselection of the same password when required to change passwords. Account lockout threshold how many failed login attempts before the account is locked. Time frame during which windows lockout threshold is applied i.

    Account 81. duration how long the account remains locked after exceeding the maximum allowable number of failed login attempts. Research each of these three attacks and write a report that explains in detail how each attack actually works and that describes suggested controls for reducing the risks that these attacks will be successful. You can find the article at. Firewalls are one of the most fundamental and important security tools. You are likely familiar with the software-based host firewall that you use on your laptop or desktop.

    Such firewalls should also be installed on every computer in an organization. However, organizations also need corporate-grade firewalls, which are usually, but not always, dedicated special-purpose hardware devices. Conduct some research to identify three different brands of such corporate-grade firewalls and write a report that addresses the following points:.

    Design a checklist for assessing each of the 11 detailed information security control objectives. Training is one of the most important preventive controls because many security incidents happen due to either human error or social engineering. From the viewpoint of the organization desiring to collect such information? What about the embedding of RFID tags in products such as clothing? What other technologies might create privacy concerns?

    The job requires you to move across the country. The company sends you a digital signature along with the contract. How does this provide you with enough assurance to trust the offer so that you are willing to make the move? A company that issues pairs of public and private keys and verifies the identity of the owner of those keys. A copy of an encryption key stored securely to enable decryption if the original sindows key becomes unavailable.

    An encryption process that uses a pair of matched keys, one public and the other private. Either key can encrypt something, but only the other key in that pair can decrypt it. Ds4 inability to unilaterally windws having created a document or file or having agreed to perform a transaction. Software that limits what actions read, copy, print, etc. This involves classifying information 8.1 discrete categories.

    Propose a minimal classification scheme that could be used by any business, and provide examples of the type of information that would fall into each of those categories. Use it to create SHA or any other hash algorithm your instructor assigns hashes for the following:. Print windowx a document that displays that watermark. Create the same watermark in Excel and print rs4 a spreadsheet page that xs4 that watermark.

    Further protect the spreadsheet by limiting users to only being able to select and wundows data in the six cells without 8.1. What are its capabilities for download access rights? Write a report of your findings. Optional: If you windlws download and install IRM software, use it to prevent anyone from being able to copy or print your report.

    The flip ds4 of the issue is ensuring that employees respect the intellectual property of other organizations. Research the topic of software piracy and write a report that explains:. How organizations attempt to prevent their employees from engaging in software piracy. The consequences to both individual employees and to organizations who commit software piracy. TrueCrypt is one doownload several free software programs that can be used to encrypt files stored on a USB drive. Download and install a copy of TrueCrypt or another tool recommended by tool professor.

    Use it to encrypt some files on a USB drive. What kind of identity theft protection services or insurance products are available. Compare and contrast at least two products. Research at least two certificate authorities and write a report that explains the different types of digital certificates that they offer. What are the essential control procedures that organizations should implement when using encryption? The department of taxation in your state is developing a new computer system for processing individual and corporate income-tax returns.

    The new system features direct data input and inquiry capabilities. Identification of taxpayers is provided by using the Social Security number for individuals and windows tax identification number for corporations. The new system should be fully implemented in time for the next tax season. Processing will downloxd four steps:. The state commissioner of taxation and the state attorney general are concerned about 8.1 the privacy downloax personal information submitted by taxpayers.

    They want to have potential problems identified toool the system is fully developed and implemented so that the proper controls can be incorporated into the new system. Describe the potential privacy problems that could arise tpol each of the following three areas of processing, and recommend the corrective action s to solve each problem identified:. You will find it located under professional resources and then information technology.

    Use it to answer the following questions:. What downlooad the relative advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches? Be prepared download defend your answer. Give a specific example of an error or probable error in the downlload set that each dw4 the following controls would detect:. It serves fewer than 2, members, who are numbered sequentially from the founder, Tom Eagleto the newest member, Jacques Noveau Members rent the flying machines by the hour, and all must be returned on the same day.

    The following six records were among those entered for the flights taken on September 1, Enter the data in windowz spreadsheet and create appropriate controls to prevent or at least detect the input errors. Assume that all data in the first column are correct. Cases a through d each contain an input error in one record, along with a batch total computed from that set of records.

    For each case a-dcompute the difference wibdows the de4 and erroneous batch totals and explain how this windwos could help identify the cause of the error. The downoad worked field in a payroll transaction record contained the value instead of The accounts receivable file was destroyed because it was accidentally used to update accounts payable. A minute power brownout caused a mission-critical database server to crash, shutting down operations temporarily.

    Windows fire destroyed the data center, including all backup copies of the accounts download files. That account number did not exist. The mistake was not caught until later in the week when the weekly billing process was run. Consequently, the customer was not billed for another week, delaying receipt of payment. The clerk entering details about a large credit sale mistakenly typed in a nonexistent account number. Consequently, the company never received payment for the items.

    Sunspot activity resulted in the loss of some data being sent to the regional office. The problem was not discovered until several days later when managers attempted to query the database for that information. MMI is an online pharmaceutical firm. The data center is installed in the basement of its two-story headquarters windos.

    The data center is equipped with halon-gas fire suppression equipment and an uninterruptible power supply system. The computer operations staff works a two-shift schedule, five winvows per tool. Programmers make windows in response to oral requests by employees using the system. Since the programming staff is small and the work demands have increased, systems and downooad documentation is developed only when time is available.

    Backups are made whenever time permits. The backup files are stored in a locked cabinet in the data center. The check digit then becomes the 6 th right-most digit in the account number. Your spreadsheet should 8.1 like this:. Add another panel to the spreadsheet that takes sd4 input a six-digit account number and uses the check digit formula in part a to test whether or not the account number is valid.

    Your solution should look like this:. Scenario 2: Company makes daily incremental backups Winrows at pm donwload night. Company makes full backup weekly, on Sunday at pm. Scenario 3: Company makes daily differential backups Monday-Friday at p.

    ds4 tool download windows 8.1

    Company makes full backup weekly, on Saturdays, at am. The Journal of Accountancy available at www.

    Read section AI6 in version 4. However, it may not be feasible for every auditor 8.1 be a computer expert. Discuss the extent to which auditors should possess computer expertise to be effective auditors. Which approach would you support, and why? An investigation revealed that she had embezzled a large sum of money from Tustin in this manner over a long period.

    What weaknesses existed in the audit approach? How could the audit plan be improved? What internal control weaknesses were present in the system? The note indicated that there are some fictitious employees on the payroll as well as some employees who have left the company. He offers no proof or names. Explain the four steps of the risk-based audit approach, and discuss how they windows to the overall security of a company.

    Recently, you met with Issa Arnita, the manager of administrative data tool, and expressed the desire to establish a more effective interface between the two departments. Issa wants your help with a new ds4 accounts payable system currently in development. He also wants internal auditing to make suggestions during system development, assist donwload its installation, and approve the completed system after making a final review.

    The request that you assist dowbload the installation of the system and approve download system after making a final review. You have been reviewing the internal controls of the computer system that processes most of its accounting applications. You have interviewed the information system manager, operations supervisor, and other employees to complete your standardized computer donload control questionnaire.

    You report to your supervisor that the company has designed a successful set of comprehensive internal controls into its computer systems. He thanks you for your efforts and asks for a summary report of your findings for inclusion in a final overall report on accounting internal controls. List five examples of specific audit procedures that you might recommend before reaching a conclusion.

    Sep 14,  · This cookie is native to PHP applications. The cookie is used to store and identify a users' unique session ID for the purpose of managing user session on the website. The cookie is a session cookies and is deleted when all the browser windows are closed. viewed_cookie_policy: 11 months. Feb 04,  · In Windows, if you are working with an open document, you can encrypt it by choosing that option under the “Prepare” menu: b. TrueCrypt is one of several free software programs that can be used to encrypt files stored on a USB drive. Download and install a copy of TrueCrypt (or another program recommended by your professor). Contact Us. Global Address: J. Lawson Blvd. Orlando, FL , USA Phone: Email: [email protected] Canada Headquarters: .

    To test the computer systems and programs, you submit independently created test transactions with regular data in a normal production run. Your audit plan requires the use of the computer, but you encounter the following reactions:. The edit summary report listing no errors was included in the working papers, with a notation by the senior auditor that the test indicates good application controls. You note that the quality of the audit conclusions obtained from this test is flawed in several respects, and you decide to ask your subordinates to repeat the test.

    Identify three existing or potential problems with the way this test was performed. For each problem, suggest one or more procedures that might be performed during the revised test to avoid flaws in the audit conclusions. From an AW manual, you have obtained the following job descriptions for key personnel:. Director of information systems: Responsible for defining the mission of the information systems division and for planning, staffing, and managing the IS department.

    Manager of systems development and programming: Reports to director of information systems. Responsible for managing the systems analysts and programmers who design, program, test, implement, and maintain the data processing systems.

    Also responsible for establishing and monitoring documentation standards. Manager of operations: Reports to director of information systems. Responsible for management of computer center operations, enforcement of processing standards, and systems programming, including implementation of operating windoqs upgrades. Data entry supervisor: Reports to manager of operations. Responsible for supervision of data entry operations and monitoring data preparation standards.

    Operations supervisor: Reports to manager of operations. Responsible for supervision of computer operations staff and monitoring processing standards. Data control clerk: Reports to manager of operations.


    Responsible for logging and distributing computer input and output, monitoring source data control procedures, and custody of programs and data files. Name two positive and two negative aspects from an internal control standpoint of this organizational structure. The input to this system is shown in Table You are using an input controls matrix to help audit the source data controls. Place checks in the matrix cells that represent input controls you might expect to find for each field.

    Under the old system, applicants for welfare assistance completed a form giving their name, address, and other personal data, plus details about their income, assets, dependents, and other data needed to establish eligibility. Periodically, recipient circumstances income, assets, dependents, etc. Welfare assistance amounts to several hundred million dollars annually. You are windows about the possibilities of fraud and abuse. Describe how to employ concurrent audit techniques to reduce the risks of fraud and abuse.

    Describe how to use computer audit software to review the work welfare examiners do to verify applicant eligibility data. Robinson is considering the following software packages:. Without regard to any specific computer audit software, identify the general advantages of using computer audit software to assist with audits. The 8.1 keeps its inventory in its distribution center and in two public warehouses.

    At the end of each business day, it updates its inventory file, whose records contain the following data:. You will perform the following audit procedures:. Explain why that function should have primary responsibility and why the others should not. As transactions are processed, summary journal entries are added to the general ledger file at the end of the day. At the end of each day, the general journal file is processed against the general ledger control file to compute a new current balance for each account and to print a trial balance.

    Create an audit program for Preston Manufacturing. For each audit step, list the audit objectives and the procedures you would use to accomplish the audit program step. To what extent do you think concerns about privacy-related issues affect the use of CRM systems? How does this affect each of the four main activities in the revenue cycle? Review the information typically presented in such a report see Figure Which specific metrics can be calculated from those data that might be especially useful in providing early warning about looming cash flow or bad-debt problems?

    How can information technology help accomplish that windows What are the barriers, if any, to its use in B2C commerce? What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cash to customers? To businesses? What are some of the accounting implications of using electronic cash? Process of dividing customer account master file into subsets and preparing invoices for one subset at a time. System that contains customer-related data organized in a manner to facilitate customer service, sales, and retention.

    Method of maintaining accounts receivable that generates one payments for all sales made the previous month. Method of maintaining customer accounts that generates payments for each individual sales transaction. Posting the sales amount to the wrong customer download because a customer account number was incorrectly keyed into the system. Making a credit sale to a customer who is already four months behind in making payments on his account.

    Authorizing a credit memo for a sales return when the goods were never actually returned. Billing customers for the quantity ordered when the quantity shipped was actually less due to back ordering of some items. Weisel, in the December issue of the Journal of Accountancy. Design appropriate data entry and processing controls to ensure spreadsheet accuracy.

    The corporation is 10 years old and uses an integrated ERP system. The administrative offices tool located in a downtown building and the production, shipping, and receiving departments are housed in a renovated warehouse a few blocks away. All sales are on credit, FOB destination. Customer orders are picked and sent to the warehouse, where they are placed near the loading dock in alphabetical sequence by customer name. The loading dock is used both for outgoing shipments to customers and to receive incoming deliveries.

    There are ten to twenty incoming deliveries every day, from a download of ds4. The increased volume of sales has resulted in a number of errors in which customers were sent the wrong items. There have also been some delays in shipping because items that supposedly were in stock could not be found in the warehouse. Although a perpetual inventory is maintained, there has not been a physical count of inventory for two years.

    When an item is missing, the warehouse staff writes the information down in log book. Once a week, the warehouse staff uses the log book to update the inventory records. The system is configured to prepare the sales invoice only after shipping employees enter the actual quantities sent to a customer, thereby ensuring that customers are billed only for items actually sent and not for anything on back order. Describe the problem resulting from each weakness.

    Recommend control procedures that should be added to the system to 8.1 the weakness. It employs seven salaried physicians, ten nurses, three support staff, and three clerical workers. The clerical tool perform such tasks as reception, correspondence, cash receipts, billing, and appointment scheduling. All are adequately bonded. Most patients pay for services rendered by cash or check on the day of their visit.

    Sometimes, however, the physician who is to perform the respective services approves credit based on an interview. When credit is approved, the ds4 files a memo with one of the clerks to set up the receivable using data the physician generates. At the end of the day, one of the clerks uses the bills to prepare a revenue summary and, in cases of credit sales, to update the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger.

    The front office clerks receive cash and checks directly from patients and give each patient a prenumbered receipt.

    Sep 14,  · This cookie is native to PHP applications. The cookie is used to store and identify a users' unique session ID for the purpose of managing user session on the website. The cookie is a session cookies and is deleted when all the browser windows are closed. viewed_cookie_policy: 11 months. Dec 06,  · Added a option to change the DS4 Lightbar color for normal gameplay and for fast forward mode. Added game elf CRC reading to allow imported widescreen patches to be found by the app(via buswisata.co) Added auto widescreen patches ( patches fetched from pcsx2 repository) "Try to fix graphics" is now enabled by default; Some GUI changes; More. Feb 04,  · In Windows, if you are working with an open document, you can encrypt it by choosing that option under the “Prepare” menu: b. TrueCrypt is one of several free software programs that can be used to encrypt files stored on a USB drive. Download and install a copy of TrueCrypt (or another program recommended by your professor).

    The clerks take turns opening the mail. The office is closed from 12 noon until p. During that time, the office manager takes the ds deposit to the bank. During the lunch hour, the clerk who opened the mail that day uses the list of cash receipts and checks to update patient accounts. The clerks take turns preparing and mailing monthly statements to patients with unpaid balances. One of the clerks writes windowx uncollectible accounts only after the physician who performed the respective services believes the account will not pay and communicates that belief to the office manager.

    The office manager then issues a credit memo to write off the account, which the clerk processes. The office manager supervises the clerks, issues write-off memos, schedules appointments for the doctors, makes bank deposits, reconciles bank statements, and performs general correspondence duties. Windoww services are performed monthly by a local accountant who posts summaries prepared by the clerks to the general ledger, prepares income statements, and files the appropriate payroll forms and tax returns.

    Identify at least three control weaknesses at Parktown. Describe the potential downloac and exposure associated with each weakness, and recommend how to best correct them.

    Explain the resulting threat and suggest methods to correct the weakness. Describe the control procedures required in the new system. It has only ds4 full-time employees: two staff, an accountant, and an office manager. The majority of its funding comes from two campaign drives, one in the spring and one in the fall. Donors make pledges over the telephone. Some donors pay their pledge by credit card during the telephone campaign, but many prefer to pay in monthly installments by check.

    In such cases, the donor pledges download recorded during the telephone campaign and they are then mailed pledge cards. Donors mail their contributions directly to the charity. Most donors send a check, but occasionally some send cash. Most donors return their pledge card windkws their check or cash tooo, but occasionally the Family Support Center receives anonymous cash donations.

    The procedures used to process donations are as follows:. De4, one of the staff members who has worked for the Family Support Center for 12 years, opens all mail. She sorts the donations from the other mail and prepares a list of all donations, indicating the name of the donor or anonymousamount of the donation, and the pledge number if the donor returned the pledge card.

    Sarah then sends the list, cash, and checks to the accountant. No funds are left on the premises overnight. The downolad deposit slip is then filed by date. The accountant also mails an acknowledgment letter thanking each donor. At this time, the accountant also reviews the pledge files and sends a follow-up letter to those people who have not yet fulfilled windows pledges.

    Each employee has a computer workstation that is connected to the internal network. Employees are permitted to surf the Web during lunch hours. Each Friday, the accountant makes a backup copy of all computer files. For each weakness you identify, suggest a tool to correct that weakness. Your solution must be specific— identify which specific employees should do what.

    Assume that no new employees can be hired. Describe the IT control procedures that should exist 8.1 order to protect the Family Support Center from loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure of data. Weisel in the February issue of the Journal of Accountancy available at www. Create a spreadsheet with the following data about targeted emails, click ads, and unit sales:.

    Create a scattergraph to illustrate the relationship between targeted emails and unit sales. Display the regression equation and the R 2 between the two variables on the chart. Create a scattergraph to illustrate tooll relationship between click ads and unit sales. Which variable targeted emails or click ads has the greater influence on unit sales? How do you know?

    Also specify fownload control procedures that should be in place to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and validity of those transactions. Should the controller be involved in making these types of decisions? Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement.

    Phillips, JIS, and Pozidriv screwdrivers explained | BikeGremlin

    What special controls, if any, should be developed to monitor VMI systems? What controls should be placed on their donwload Why not? A purchasing agent orders materials from a supplier that he partially owns. Receiving-dock personnel steal inventory and then claim the inventory was sent to the warehouse. A company is late in paying a particular invoice. The second invoice is submitted for processing and also paid.

    Inventory records show that an tool supply of copy paper should be in stock, but none is available on the supply shelf. The inventory records are downloas updated when a receiving-dock employee enters the wrong product number at the terminal. A clerical employee obtains a blank check and writes download large amount payable to a fictitious company. The employee then cashes the check.

    A method of maintaining accounts payable in which each supplier downloae is tracked and paid for separately. A method of maintaining accounts payable which generates one check to pay for a set of invoices from the same supplier. Combination of a purchase order, receiving report, and supplier invoice that all relate to the same transaction. An inventory control system that seeks to minimize the sum of ordering, carrying, and stockout costs.

    A system whereby suppliers are too access to point-of-sale POS and inventory data in order to automatically replenish inventory levels. More than one control may be applicable. Expand the cash dowmload you created in Problem For each control, 1 describe its tool and 2 explain how it could be best implemented in ds4 integrated ERP system. Requiring that 81. copy of the receiving report be routed through the inventory stores department prior 8.1 going to accounts payable.

    Requiring a regular reconciliation of the bank account by someone other than the person responsible for writing checks. Maintaining an approved supplier list and checking that all purchase orders are issued only to suppliers on that list. The budget, which limits the types and dollar amounts of office equipment a department head can requisition, is approved at the beginning of the year by the board of directors. The special ordering system functions as follows:. Purchasing A purchase requisition form is prepared and sent to the purchasing department.

    Upon receiving a purchase requisition, one of the five purchasing agents buyers verifies that the requester is indeed a department head. The buyer next selects the appropriate supplier by searching the various catalogs on file. The buyer then phones the supplier, requests a price quote, and places a verbal order. A prenumbered purchase order is processed, with the original sent to the supplier and copies to the department head, receiving, and accounts payable.

    One copy is also filed in the open-requisition file. Dds4 the receiving department verbally informs the buyer that the item has been received, the purchase order is transferred from windows open to the filled file. Once a month, the buyer reviews the unfilled dz4 to follow up on open sd4. Receiving The receiving department gets a copy of each purchase order. Windows equipment is received, that copy of the purchase order is stamped with the date and, if applicable, any differences between the quantity ordered and the quantity received are noted in red ink.

    The receiving clerk then forwards the stamped purchase order and equipment to the requisitioning department head and verbally notifies the purchasing department that the goods were donload. Accounts Payable Upon receipt of a purchase order, the accounts payable clerk files it in the open purchase order file. Unpaid invoices are filed by due date.

    On the due date, a check is prepared and forwarded to the treasurer for signature. The invoice and purchase order are then filed by purchase order number in the paid invoice wibdows. Recommend control procedures that must be added to overcome weaknesses identified in part a. Describe how the control procedures you recommended in part b should be modified if Diamond reengineered 8.1 expenditure cycle activities to make maximum use of current IT e.

    CPA Examination, adapted. You observed the following:. Discuss how those control procedures would be best implemented in an integrated ERP system using the latest developments in IT. When activity-based cost reports dowlnoad that excess capacity exists, management should either find alternative revenue-enhancing uses for that capacity or eliminate it through downsizing.

    What are the likely behavioral side effects of each choice? What implications do those side effects have for the long-run usefulness of activity-based cost systems? Why should accountants participate in product design? What insights about costs can accountants contribute that differ from the perspectives of purchasing managers and engineers? Some companies have eliminated the collection and reporting of detailed analyses on direct labor costs broken down by various activities.

    Instead, first-line supervisors are responsible for controlling the total costs of direct labor. The justification download this argument is that labor costs represent only a small fraction of too, total costs of producing a product and are not worth the time and effort to trace to individual activities. Do you agree or wijdows with this argument? In contrast, Burger King produces menu items ds4 in response to customer orders.

    Dowbload are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each system? The change is subtle, but downlowd. Continuous improvement focuses on comparing actual performance to the ideal i. Consequently, all variances are negative how can you do better than perfect? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this practice? A cost-accounting method that assigns costs to products based on specific processes performed. A cost accounting method that assigns costs to specific batches or production runs and is used when iwndows product or service consists of uniquely identifiable items.

    A cost accounting method that assigns costs vs4 each step or work center and then cs4 the average cost for all products that passed through that step or work center. A tolo that specifies how much of a finished good is to be produced during a specific time period. A production planning technique that is an extension of the just-in-time inventory control method.

    A production planning technique that is an extension of the Materials Requirement Planning inventory control method. A term used to refer to the use of robots and other IT techniques windows part of the production process. A production worker entering job-time data on an online terminal mistakenly posted the completion of operation to production order instead of production order A production manager stole several expensive machines and windowz up the dowwnload by submitting a form to the accounting department indicating that the missing machines were obsolete and should be written off as worthless.

    A factory supervisor 8.1 the operations windws file and inflated the standards for windows completed in his department. Consequently, future performance reports show favorable budget variances for that department. A factory supervisor wrote off a robotic assembly machine 8.1 being sold for salvage, but actually sold the machine and pocketed the proceeds. Overproduction of a slow-moving product resulted in excessive inventory that had to eventually be marked down and sold at a loss.

    One of your first tasks is to develop a report measuring throughput. Describe the data required to measure throughput and the most efficient and download method of collecting that data. Processing of production orders is as follows: At the end of each week, the production planning department prepares a master production schedule MPS that lists which shoe styles and quantities are to be produced during the next week.

    A production order preparation program accesses the MPS and the operations list stored on a windods disk file to prepare a production order for each shoe style that is tool be manufactured. Each new production order is added to the toil production order master downpoad stored on disk. Each day, parts department clerks review the open production orders and the MPS to determine which materials need to be released to production.

    All materials are bar-coded. Factory workers work individually at specially designed U-shaped work areas equipped with several machines to assist them in completely making a pair of shoes. Factory workers scan the bar-codes as they use materials. To operate a machine, the factory workers swipe their ID badge through a reader. This results in the system automatically collecting data identifying who produced each pair of shoes and how much time it took to make them.

    Once a pair of shoes is finished, it is placed in a box. The last machine in each work cell prints a bar-code label that the worker affixes to the box. The completed shoes are ds4 sent to the warehouse. The company is considering the following alternatives to improve its production processes:. Task: Use Excel and the Solver add-in to explore the effect of various resource download on the optimal product mix.

    Download the sample spreadsheet discussed in the article and print out the screenshots showing that you used the Solver tool as discussed in the article. Rerun the Solver program to determine the effect of the following actions on income print out the results of each option :. Create the spreadsheet shown in Figure Write formulas to calculate the total depreciation expense and to display the correct values in the following three columns: Age, Depreciation Rate, and Depreciation Expense.

    Welch, Lois S. Mahoney, and Ds4 R. Brickner, in the November issue of the Journal of Accountancyfrom which this problem was adapted. Nevertheless, many companies maintain separate payroll and HRM information systems.

    Why do you think this is so? Hint: Think about the differences in employee background and the functions performed by the HRM and payroll departments. Do you agree or disagree? In conversation downloax some of these supervisors, you are surprised to learn they do not believe these reports will be useful. They explain that they can already obtain all the information they need to manage their employees simply by observing the shop floor. Comment fs4 that opinion. How could formal 8.1 supplement and enhance what the supervisors learn by direct observation?

    What are some other threats? Cs4 other kinds of changes may need to be made? A document given to each employee that shows gross pay, net pay, and itemizes all deductions both for the current pay period and for the year-to-date. A factory supervisor failed to notify the HRM department that an employee had been fired. Windoqs, paychecks continued to be issued for that employee.

    The supervisor pocketed and cashed those paychecks. Some time cards were lost during payroll preparation; consequently, when paychecks were distributed, several employees complained about not being paid. Facom hex allen wrenches dosnload top ds4. Could you recommend a model for a ratcheting screwdriver? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of windows comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

    Contents: Good cross-head screwdriver Screwdriver development heroes 2. Phillips screwdrivers 2. The difference between Phillips doanload JIS screwdrivers Standards of popular cross-tipped screwdrivers 3. Phillips — US standard 3. JIS — Japanese standard 3. Sources 1. Those who wish to know how I chose this screwdriver can read the next chapters, but for those who just wish to know which screwdriver has worked very well for me, on both the American Phillips, and on Japanese bicycle and motorcycle cross headed screws, this is it providing Amazon affiliate links for screwdriver pictures and price-comparison : Wera Kraftform Stainless PH 2 Wera Kraftform Stainless PH 2 — Amazon affiliate link Picture 1 Do you have to buy this one, or are there any other good dowwnload Will do windoas best to dodnload it in this article.

    Imagining the fuel scene — laughing hard. So, our secondary high windods perhaps had an easier task — factorials, calculus etc. Winndows Care Reply. While Wera does indeed make really nice, good download screwdrivers however no longer German made… Wiha still makes their stuff in Germany tho I would opt for the standard green Wera screwdriver, its blade is not made of stainless steel.

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