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  • Eddy N. Excellent, excellent I love it thank you so much Dr Carleen you me bless with your knowledge; I also found your video us full. Shah M. Hello Professor, Thank you so much for your awesome lectures. I am sure that you are one educatro the best chemistry teachers in the nation : I have a question downloac example 5. I understand why the reaction has to be the first order, but why can't C and D be the answers?

    Free Video Downloader Trusted by Millions: Save video and audio from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Likee and Tumblr. Can’t download videos in a bulk; How It Works: Step 1. Visit, where you can see a box asking, “Enter the video link here”. Step 2. Simply copy and paste an educational video URL from YouTube to the box, and click the red “Download” button. It will start to analyze the video. Step 3. Click the blue “Download Video” button. Succeed academically, explore new skills, and build your future. Get answers to all your questions in math, science, language, history, and all things scholastic. Available 24/7. Unlimited Access to Our Entire Library. Over + comprehensive high school, college, and university courses taught by passionate educators.

    They are all first order reactions too. Jae C. Eaton I am so blessed to study with your lectures!!! Thank you so much. Hyunjun K. Dro M. This is really great, you guys are the best.

    Educator Stock Video Footage for Free Download

    I like how he solves practical examples after illustrating the physical concepts of the lesson. Yasser A. I was just going to try an account for 1 month well that is what i was thinking This seriously the best education website i've ever tried, educatof. And this was a website i came across thanks to youtubes commercial. First time ever educayor tried to click on a commercial on youtube, but this looked really intressting so i did it.

    And i've not regreted doing so. I'm from sweden and i'm going to study on the university for another 5 educatkr. Cheers mates. Love you all. You make me like math even more because when educators teacher explain things, i actually understand what i'm doing. Best Regards Joel. Joel F. Thank you so much professor Hovasapian, you're so wonderful, seriously! According to my study guide. Is this what they mean? Is my understanding correct? THank you! Tiffany Y.

    Abigail D. Nazgol F. Hovasapian, you really make me excited to learn chemistry. Your clear frde of the topics comes through in your clear teaching as well. Thanks so much for your videos! Shadd W. Your lessons are brilliant! Best biology teacher I have ever had. Your teaching has given me so much confidence in biology and has inspired me to keep on learning more.

    It made a huge impact on my decision to go to med edhcator : Thank you!

    educator com videos free download

    Laura M. Natasha P. Dear Mr Phillips just downloadd make it absolutely crystal clear in my mind if, for example in a haploid gamete I have chromosome 1a all thst it contains are alleles? Now if I take another haploid cell containing chromosome 1b that contains the same educaor or an alternative allele, these two haploid cells come together to produce an offspring, will those two alleles produce a gene?

    Do you get just half your alleles from one parent and the other half from your other parent and then those alleles produce your genes?

    Download and use 6,+ education stock videos for free. Free Download HD or 4K Use all videos for free for your projects. Browse 2, amazing Educator stock footage videos for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy! Succeed academically, explore new skills, and build your future. Get answers to all your questions in math, science, language, history, and all things scholastic. Available 24/7. Unlimited Access to Our Entire Library. Over + comprehensive high school, college, and university courses taught by passionate educators.

    If this is correct then thank you so much, because I have spent quite a while trying to find this answer. Thank you so much Doctor Philips you are a superb teacher. Paul M. Romie R. Somia A. I've really enjoyed your lessons, Prof. I also second Nawaphan's comment about possibly covering biological molecules in your lessons. Educator has a biochemistry section, but Educaotr think lessons with a chemistry perspective would very useful for us.

    My OChem educagor covers these biological molecules, and the last three chapters of my textbook concern these topics. Thank you! Victor Y. You're an amazing teacher. If ever I miss a class I come watch your videos. You make organic chemistry so simple. Thank you so much Paula. Paula H. I know you have heard this before, but I have to say it again Thank you for helping me understand the subject. By the way, I viceos your hair ; please let it grow out, makes you look like a young Einstein.

    Isela M. Boss J. Helped me a lot with my college writing! Thank you. And by the way, you are way better viceos a typical college professor.

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    Chudamuni D. Arvind G. Professor Raffi, I have been watching your videos since I started chemistry last fall and they are simply excellent!! Only 4 more chemistry courses to go So again, thank you so much!! Rebecca B. Hi Professor Raffi. They really explain the concepts well and give me confidence to study for this exam in the comfort of my home. I was wondering if you have any advice as to how I could best study for AP Calc.

    I am hoping to get through the AB course really soon I have graduated from high school and am just taking this course to prepare for university level calculus. I do have a lot of time on my hands so I am only focusing on AP Calc. Thanks very much. Avijit S. Hi, I self study physics while in High school and I would like to say you are a truly remarkable teacher, I love your enthusiasm and the motivation you have brought me Thanks so much! Micheal B. Dear Ms. Fung, I love your teaching style!

    I am using Educator. I am getting ready to take my SAT, and want the best score possible. Your courses are really helping me! Thanks, James. James S. Hello Prof. Hovasapian Thank you so much for your detailed videos which explain some difficult concepts very thoroughly.

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    Currently, I am taking Honors Chemistry, which is a weighted course and is very rigorous but does not cover some concepts from AP Chemistry. Do you have any suggestions for how I can self-study? Also, do sig figs matter in the AP Chem test? My teacher edycator points off our tests if we do not use the correct number of sig figs. Noorhan A. Now I can remember CTI because it's always come with sound ding ding ding!!!!! Is it possible to add some lessons about biological molecules like proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids?

    Nawaphan J. Thanks SO SO much for educator new video series! I was getting really worried that I wouldn't be ready for the Physics B exam and this is exactly what I needed free it was uploaded just when I com it! Excellant organization and explanations! Steve T. Just want to go back here download say Thank You. I've got a 5 on my AP chemistry, and your lectures are basically all my preparation materials.

    Thank you so much for your vudeos lectures! They are great lectures for students including me who desperately want to learn under a situation that no one around them eduactor familiar with the subject. Wish you all the best, Alina. Xinyuan X. Swati S. Roxanna Videos. Never mind I hastened you corrected already. Abdihakim M. Thanks Raffi, I appreciate it! You have really helped me see the beauty in mathematics, ever since the multivariable calculus videos. Your words of wisdom are inspiring!

    So how to download educational videos from YouTube for teachers, students college students, middle school students, etc. - #1 Trusted e-Learning Service Site - Start Today

    Don't download infringing copies and use YouTube for educational purposes only, not for commercial benefit. The app boasts batch download function and playlist download function.

    educator com videos free download

    Step 1. Drag the software icon to the Applications folder to install it. And then open the software. Step 2. Step 3. Start Educational Video Download on Mac. Note: You should organize all copied links in a text editor at first and then paste them to iFunia. Step 4. Optional If you need to convert the downloaded educational videos to other formats, you can click "Add to Convert List" to import videos to "Convert" menu.

    There are many web-based educational video downloaders out there, such as Save YouTube, savethevideo. It will start to analyze the video. In addition to the two mentioned methods, you can also use browser extensions to download YouTube videos for educational use. Whether you use Chrome or Firefox, here are the best ways to make downloading YouTube videos a painless process. The best extension for kids videos download is Video DownloadHelper.

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      YouTube is not only a popular online video streaming site but also a new go-to platform for visual lessons. Whether it's used for classroom lectures, remote teaching, or home study, YouTube should be much easier to digest visually than text pages. So how to download educational videos from YouTube for teachers, students college students, middle school students, etc.

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