Games like summertime saga for android download

games like summertime saga for android download

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  • As it was already mentioned, you pick your actions and lines in dialogues so your fate is android your hands. The game for lots of different stories in different genres. There stories about college, vampires, werewolves, gangsters, and even the devil himself. You can go through all the stories one by one and the new ones are being added quite often. Games point of the game is simple — you make choices while meeting various characters and love situations and it affects the plot.

    Your main aim in this game is to build and develop download romantic relationship but there will also be dangerous affairs on your way. Due to the setting of the game, you play the role of a student in a drama school. You need to consider that your choice will affect your career and future so think carefully. The visual aspect of the game is great.

    Apart from love, you will also need to make decisions in dialogues with your friends and family. Frankly speaking, this game is more than just a virtual romance. At first, you get to make a character. You can set the whole appearance to make the character your full reflection or you can experiment with colorful hair and strange outfits. Wherein, there are licensed stories made in collaboration with Pretty Little Liars and even the iconic Mean Girls. Besides, you can even make your own stories for other players.

    You can write your own plot, select the characters and all that. The visual of the game is also amazing and all the characters are drawn in detail. Plus, while moving through levels you get diamonds that you can spend on new outfits or unlocking extra lines in dialogues. The coolest thing about this game is its inclusivity.

    Thus, you can build a relationship with different sexes, no restrictions there. For now, the game covers almost a hundred characters and all of them your potential partners. All the heroes have unique traits, habits, and manners you will need to consider. Besides, the game consists of different love series you can try. All the stories like different and there summertime no repeated plot twists that you might get bored with.

    Furthermore, there are more than just love stories, there are also detective aspects, mysteries, affairs, and so on. While going through the episodes you will get gems as a reward. These gems can be used to renew your appearance or unlock extra lines in dialogues. Texting Love Story: ChatLinx is the love story game that changes the plot direction according to your decisions. This game empowers you to make your own love story full of passion and affairs.

    Although the game is dedicated saga the romantic relationship it also has the elements of detective, mystery, intrigues, and all that. While going through the chapters you will be able to make choices and pick the lines in dialogues that affect the plot.

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    It needs to be said, some decision has a small effect on your story and some can coordinately turn its direction. Plus, there are situations that require fast decisions with the timer. You can restart one story several times and always get a new ending.

    games like summertime saga for android download

    Dual Family is in the role-playing game which has a pretty interesting storyline. You can choose to play a role of a father or a person and continue on a journey where you will be excited to know what is going to happen next. The game has two stories and you can jump between them while downloadd. The best thing about Dual Family is its fod.

    It summertmie a nicely designed game, which will keep you engaged for hours. The game focuses on the cross-dressing and an interesting storyline. You will play as an year-old girl who is manipulating others to win a popularity contest. She interacts with fellow students on a seven-day cruise in order to fulfill her dream. The game allows you to skip adult scenes, but there is no fun in it.

    11 Cool Games Like Summertime Saga on Android & iOS | Free apps f. The last among our 10 best games like Summertime Saga for Android, is this one called Town Uncovered. It is probably one of the most similar games to Summertime Saga we have on this list. It follows the story of a character who moves to a new town, who takes it as a challenge to uncover new places, meet new people, and mix with the neighbors. There are lots of cool games like Summertime Saga on Android and iOS that will blow your mind. These games empower you to build your virtual love life with incredibly attractive characters. Furthermore, some of these games are LGBT friendly and Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

    Next is Waifu Academy, a game that can fulfill all your desire in terms of an adult android game. You play as a young man who is on a mission to seek revenge. With over 30 different characters Waifu Academy brings a lot to the table.

    10 Games Like "Summertime Saga" That Are Actually Worth Playing - LevelSkip

    Each character has a unique background, which leads to a different climax. The game has dialogues, which will lead you to unlock different scenes with different characters. Mythic Manor is a free game similar to an interactive visual novel based on a fantasy world. This game will give you five gorgeous characters to play with. With over events and special hidden scenes, you can enjoy it for hours. You can interact with the surroundings and also with the characters to unlock new activities.

    This is another best alternative game for Summertime Saga. If you are looking for more fun and hours of uninterrupted adult entertainment, then try Man of the House. You play as on young character, which lives in a house with three gorgeous women. It has a storyline where your choices reveal new fantasies. As cheesy as it sounds, the game is quite intense with a strong storyline. This free game like Summertime Saga already has tons of followers, especially females.

    Although the name sounds sexy, the game has a tragic story.

    games like summertime saga for android download

    This incident separates you from your mother and sisters. Your father considers you as a burden and treats you poorly. Your mother rescues you from the mess, and you reunite with your sisters. Ajdroid your sisters have become sexier in those few years. You now have an inferiority complex. The decisions you make will dictate your future. The gameplay is slightly different in this game, but the theme is similar to Summertime Saga. You have to play the role of a spoilt child of a rich father.

    Your father allows you to join his business. During your office days, you meet Dana, one of the hottest girls in town. She turns out to be your sister. You dream about her every day.

    Best Games Like Summertime Saga To Play In October

    But how will you impress her? You will have to play the game to find out Dreaming of Dana has many mini-games that allow you to progress to the next dowbload. If you are a science geek and loved Summertime Sagayou will not want to miss Lab Rats. This game has a story revolving around a chemical lab. Your character works on various chemical solutions and formulas.

    You need to solve all your problems in the game to proceed. Lab Rats have clear-cut dialogues and an excellent storyline that keeps you engaged for hours. With so many games sagaa Summertime Saga for Android and iOS available, it is hard to select the best. You need to delve into the magical world of Amber, the protagonist of the game. Amber, an elf alchemist, starts her journey in Isilia, the city where she continues her mage training.

    She will fall in love with both men and women in the city. This is a must-play game for everyone who loved Summertime Saga. The exciting plots will make you stay hooked on your phone for hours. What happens when you fof a new town? You meet new people, uncover various places in the locality, and mix with your ror.

    Top Games like Summertime Saga for Android

    A Town Uncovered has all these and many more. The game starts with your character, a senior high school student, landing in a new town. Your character slowly finds out that the town is full of people who accept public lust socially. This semi-erotic game is quite similar to Summertime Saga. Your choices throughout the game will decide its outcome. It has multiple endings, summertimee keeping you guessing what may happen next.

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